Donna Hartley-Redfearn

Ordinary has no place here 

The way I work is intuitive and experience-led. I'm no stranger to the wedding industry, for over twenty years I have created multi-award-winning weddings around the world, enjoyed the qudos of being published within many media platforms and collaborating with fabulous couples.      I'll let you in on a little secret,  I love what I do and do what I love....

North east wedding celebrant wedding by Donna Hartley-Redfearn



This care for my work and compassion for my couples has deep roots, that feeling of not quite fitting in or wanting to boldly stand out…..I confess it took me a while to find my happy place where I could be me! That is what I embrace and encourage modern couples to do....


'Be You Be Free'

North East Wedding Celebrant wedding in Newcastle, urban wedding with celebrant led ceremony


Trust and knowledge are two words I hold in high esteem both professionally and personally. Trust is a two-way relationship, a combination of respect and honest communication, I ask all my couples to be open to suggestions and have the confidence to say no as well as yes…. I will never say a direct no to an idea, always give an honest explanation to why it may not work and offer an alternative option.

Knowledge, with over twenty years of professional planning and project management experience specialising in large scale events and weddings around the world I'm confident in what I can deliver. It’s not a bolshy or blasé attitude it stems from hours of extended study, valuable industry experience, commitment backed by a tenacious northern girl attitude and a deep-rooted passion to deliver exceptional personal service. 

North east elopement by North East Wedding Celebrant


Here comes the boring bit.. I am a celebrant and not a registrar and cannot conduct the legal part of your ceremony. If you would like your marriage to be recognised in law, this is done at the registry office at an earlier / later time of your choosing. Most registry offices offer a short registration for around £60-75 this is a no frills appointment with the couple, two witnesses and an appointed registrar. 

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